Hillsborough Memorial Album

Liverpool Lighthouse are producing an album to commemorate Hillsborough’s final memorial. Money raised by the album sales will go to the Hillsborough Family Support Group.

The album will consist of approx. 60 volunteer singers from across Liverpool, professionals and non-professionals alike. Rehearsals started at the end of June 2020 with the Love and Joy Gospel choir and will continue weekly after this whilst Liverpool Lighthouse shape numbers and voices. Gospel choir leader, Anu Omideyi, is providing online vocal training to participants to ensure vocals are at their peak for recording.

Musicians are currently recording the backing tracks from home. The music has been arranged by Anu and Peter Hawley, with Tom Percy engineering the project in our studios.

Liverpool Lighthouse are asking members of the community to find a fitting name for the album that is being produced to commemorate the 96 lives lost at Hillsborough.

If you'd like your say on what this album could be called, head over to our poll on our Facebook Page.

Hillsborough and Me

Hillsborough and me is a collection of stories from members of the community who have volunteered for the Hillsborough memorial music album.

Volunteers were asked why they decided to take part in the project. Liverpool Lighthouse will be sharing stories throughout the production of this album.